After working another hard day in the extreme heat, we got a dinner invitation from a couple. Yet this wasn’t just any couple. This was a couple that had lost everything in the tornado. This tornado also destroyed the shed which we are rebuilding. We’ve had a crew out there the last couple days and tomorrow we’ll be roofing their new shed.

Tonight the couple invited us to their newly opened restaurant for dinner. We ate great food and had an opportunity to sit down with them for a while. As they told their story of sitting in their bathroom and hearing the storm rip their home apart, all the photos I’ve seen over the last couple months have turned into lives. It dawned on me that every photo represents a family, each one a different story.

The couple talked about hearing the sound of windows shattering and wondering if they were going to make it. They talked about the fear, the hope in God as protector, and the task of rebuilding.

If you’re reading this it’d be awesome if you took a second to pray for Dennis and Sue.