As we drove through Joplin the only word I could think of was “destruction.” We saw buildings that looked gutted, roofs ripped off houses. Countless people who no longer have a place to lay their head. We immediately knew we were needed. When we arrived at the church where we’ll be staying we were greeted by Rick who gave us a brief rundown of our week.

The plan is that we are going to be building sheds, finishing shower houses, tearing out a floor in a destroyed home, and/or possibly more things as they come up. We are going to have to be flexible, similar to most mission trips, and be willing to help in any way possible.

Rick told us several stories of people who lost everything – a couple in their 60s who paid in cash for their first home only to have it destroyed before they secured insurance, a mother, daughter, and granddaughter who survived in a closet, a lady who lost her leg in the tornado, and others just like these.

The stories were heartbreaking, but tomorrow morning we’re going to get the opportunity to help. It might not make a huge difference, but we can do something, and the next group will do something, and slowly Joplin will rebuild one group at a time.