“Why does God care so much about a bunch of dumb rocks?” That was my thought after reading through the Old Testament my freshman year in Bible college. I wasn’t sure why God would repeatedly ask the Israelites to build altars. It started to feel like at every turn they were building altars and then just moving on. After finishing the Old Testament I decided to do a little research on why God would do that. What good would come from a few stones stacked up in the desert? Memory. The altars served as reminders to what God had done in the lives of His people.

Incase you missed it, I spent last week in Joplin, Missouri helping clean up after the tornado from May. As I worked God taught me about prayer. I was reminded how much I need that constant connection, which I’ve let falter recently because of busyness. On our return trip I decided I needed an altar, something that would serve as a reminder to what God had done in my life that week. I chose the picture that’s posted above. I’m ordering a print copy to set on my desk as a reminder to pray, a reminder of God’s faithfulness, and a reminder of the heart-ache of the people in Joplin.

Have you ever taken a memento from a trip as a reminder? Have you ever had a memento from a time God worked in your life? I’d love to hear the story.