Shock. Disbelief. Fear. Sadness. These are the words that describe my feelings as I saw the terrible images of the destruction in Joplin. Not only because of the damage done to so many lives, but because I spent four amazing years in the city. The same place where I went to college, built friendships, and created memories is now the place where the deadliest tornado on record just destroyed homes and lives.

I live too far away to be pounding the pavement lending a hand; I couldn’t leave my house that night to check on friends or help pull people from the wreckage. I can’t physically hand out a bottle of water to those who have nothing. However, I can tell stories. I can offer opportunities for those who have experienced so much to tell their tales.

This week I’m going to have a post on the blog each day. For the next four days you’ll read stories from those who left the safety of their homes in the middle of the night to help others, to those who were among the ones who experienced buildings crashing down around them. Several will offer ways you can get involved, ways that you can give. I’d encourage you to not only read their stories and feel sad, but to give, to pray.

Image courtesy of Leslie Blum